Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What's New

Dear life,

I got sick of that other font, so I decided to change it up. Anyway, I think there has been a lot of projects that I have missed making a blog post about, and I'm not going to fix that now, but I will to my best to write about what we have been doing recently. What we are doing at the moment are science challenges where we are given a objective, and we have to create something that does what the challenge has indicated. The first one we did, the challenge was to create a contraption that will cook a marshmallow, without the use of fire or electricity. The implied idea was to make a solar oven, which is what most groups did. I think some groups did something else, but I'm not sure what, but I'm fairly sure that they still harnessed the power of the sun. 
The next challenge we will be doing is simple, make the biggest bubble. The only rule is that the solution can not be bought, besides that, go for it. We haven't started this challenge yet, but we will soon enough. That is all we're doing, besides blogging, which will be evaluated sometime next week. 


Friday, May 27, 2016

More science.

Dear life,

The last science project we have done was the heat menu project.This project consists of four sections, each an individual task for the student to complete independently. The first is an appetizer, which are tests you must do involving heat and temperature. The first part was the appetizer, in which each student must conduct two experiments, and fill out a page involving questions like, 'what do you think will happen,' and, 'why do you think that happened?' 
After the appetizer is the drink, in which you have to read an article on heat or temperature, and summarize it. I read about heat in the environment.
Then, there is the main course, where, like the appetizer, you have to complete a page by doing an experiment, and summarizing it. 
Finally, there is the dessert, where you have to display your learning though any means you'd like. My partner and I made a stop motion video relating to heat and temperature. 

This post took so long to finish, I had to change everything in future tense to past tense. 

Sincerely, Emily (;

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I know I'm late.

The following post was supposed to have happened a long time ago, so I apologize that it wasn't on time. 

Dear life, 

Our most recent learning hub project was supposed to be poetry or song lyrics. Below is a poem I wrote in my spare time. 


I see blue in the trees, and grass.

I see blue in my wandering eyes, and my trembling hands.

I feel blue in the clothes on my back, and shoes on my feet.

I feel blue in the wind through my hair, and the stones beneath my fingers.

I hear blue in the cries, and screams.

I hear blue in the gentle sobs, and the soft whimpers.

I taste blue in the air, and mint.

I taste blue in the sweet candy, and the cold metal.

I smell blue in the pine needles, and soil.

I smell blue in the harsh flames, and the soggy wood.

I see blue.
I feel blue.
I hear blue.
I taste blue.
I smell blue.

I am blue. 

I was inspired to write this poem, while walking home from school. I remarked how my blue sweater blended so perfectly into my suburbia, how I felt blue. This was also influenced by some of my favourite songs, Blue, and Suburbia, both by Troye Sivan. I love these songs, and recommend that you give them a listen too. 

Sincerely, Emily ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cedar Waxwing Take Over

Please Note: This post is meant to be taken from the perspective of a cedar waxwing and should not be taken seriously. This post will, however include information about cedar waxwings, and is supposed to resemble a diary entry/ letter from one of their point of views. This is also my travel piece for my learning hub, as I will be writing a section about migration.

Hi, my name is Josie. I am a Bombycilla cedrorum, but I'm more commonly known as a cedar waxwing. Here is a picture of me and my little sister,
3826886157_531c191fd7.jpg (457×500)
Just to put that picture in perspective, I am about 6" long with a wingspan of about 11", and some of my friends are about an inch longer, and have a wingspan an inch longer than I do, but all of us are full grown. My parents, sister and I live in a little bird house on the edge of a forest opening. We like it there because there are a lot of berries and fruit growing close by. This is a picture of our beautiful home;
We really like it there, we live there year-round, so we don't have to migrate. Our kind can mostly be found in northern USA, and southern Ontario. 

Our parents met in the usual way. They hopped towards each other, my dad gave my mom a flower petal, and she ate it. She said it was very romantic. 

Our home has had to move places many times because of the humans. They took away the tree we lived in, and all the food we liked to eat. But, they did build the home we have now, and they leave the fruit and berries alone so that we can eat them. We like it here. Also, because of our new home, our family will be able to grow and thrive. Anyways, my little sister is calling for me, so I better go. 

 Josie the Ceder waxwing

Friday, November 27, 2015


Dear life,

At this point of my blog I'm going to focus on only posting about science-related affairs. The most recent project we have done is the birdhouse project. The general idea of this project is, build a bird house in the wood shop, research a species of bird that could be using the birdhouse that you have made, and, present your findings. I have already finished building my birdhouse, so I am currently researching the cedar waxwing. I decided to take a short break to wright this post. I will eventually be sharing my findings on this blog, but for now I should go.

 - Emily ;)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hello again...

Dear life,

Here I am, once again, back on my blog trying to do something useful. I figured this was as useful as I could go without leaving my desk... anyways, I just finished our first assignment. We were told to make an animal business card. Just like it sounds, we had to make a business card for an animal, here's the link to my finished project.

Sorry this was a short post, but the bell is about to ring so...

Sincerely, Emily (;

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Long time internet user, first time blogger

Dear life,

This is my first blog. I've never read a real blog, however have spent lots of time watching vlogs which are sadly, very different. This will probably be a better experience if I admit that right now. At this point, you probably would like to know a bit about me. I don't even know where to start. Well, I'm a ringette goalie (if you don't know what that is, look it up now), I go to Centennial public school (Ontario), My favorite movie is My Neighbor Totoro, and I spend most of my free time on YouTube. This blog will mostly be dedicated to science, (with some randomness thrown in) what we're doing and what we've learned. Make sure to leave a comment telling me a bit about you!

Sincerely, Emily (;