Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cedar Waxwing Take Over

Please Note: This post is meant to be taken from the perspective of a cedar waxwing and should not be taken seriously. This post will, however include information about cedar waxwings, and is supposed to resemble a diary entry/ letter from one of their point of views. This is also my travel piece for my learning hub, as I will be writing a section about migration.

Hi, my name is Josie. I am a Bombycilla cedrorum, but I'm more commonly known as a cedar waxwing. Here is a picture of me and my little sister,
3826886157_531c191fd7.jpg (457×500)
Just to put that picture in perspective, I am about 6" long with a wingspan of about 11", and some of my friends are about an inch longer, and have a wingspan an inch longer than I do, but all of us are full grown. My parents, sister and I live in a little bird house on the edge of a forest opening. We like it there because there are a lot of berries and fruit growing close by. This is a picture of our beautiful home;
We really like it there, we live there year-round, so we don't have to migrate. Our kind can mostly be found in northern USA, and southern Ontario. 

Our parents met in the usual way. They hopped towards each other, my dad gave my mom a flower petal, and she ate it. She said it was very romantic. 

Our home has had to move places many times because of the humans. They took away the tree we lived in, and all the food we liked to eat. But, they did build the home we have now, and they leave the fruit and berries alone so that we can eat them. We like it here. Also, because of our new home, our family will be able to grow and thrive. Anyways, my little sister is calling for me, so I better go. 

 Josie the Ceder waxwing

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