Friday, May 27, 2016

More science.

Dear life,

The last science project we have done was the heat menu project.This project consists of four sections, each an individual task for the student to complete independently. The first is an appetizer, which are tests you must do involving heat and temperature. The first part was the appetizer, in which each student must conduct two experiments, and fill out a page involving questions like, 'what do you think will happen,' and, 'why do you think that happened?' 
After the appetizer is the drink, in which you have to read an article on heat or temperature, and summarize it. I read about heat in the environment.
Then, there is the main course, where, like the appetizer, you have to complete a page by doing an experiment, and summarizing it. 
Finally, there is the dessert, where you have to display your learning though any means you'd like. My partner and I made a stop motion video relating to heat and temperature. 

This post took so long to finish, I had to change everything in future tense to past tense. 

Sincerely, Emily (;

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