Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What's New

Dear life,

I got sick of that other font, so I decided to change it up. Anyway, I think there has been a lot of projects that I have missed making a blog post about, and I'm not going to fix that now, but I will to my best to write about what we have been doing recently. What we are doing at the moment are science challenges where we are given a objective, and we have to create something that does what the challenge has indicated. The first one we did, the challenge was to create a contraption that will cook a marshmallow, without the use of fire or electricity. The implied idea was to make a solar oven, which is what most groups did. I think some groups did something else, but I'm not sure what, but I'm fairly sure that they still harnessed the power of the sun. 
The next challenge we will be doing is simple, make the biggest bubble. The only rule is that the solution can not be bought, besides that, go for it. We haven't started this challenge yet, but we will soon enough. That is all we're doing, besides blogging, which will be evaluated sometime next week. 


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